Hastings Window Cleaner is owned and operated by Hastings Property Services.

We provide a number of services relating to window cleaner, and offer most options to improve the exterior appearance of most properties. Using our special pure water poles, we can reach most windows, soffits and facias from the safety of the ground. 

Our services extend beyond just cleaning windows. We can clean windows internally and externally, and after builders cleans as well.

We offer a gutter cleaning service, that uses a big vacuum to suck up all the moss, grit and grime from inside the gutters.

Our other cleaning services include being able to clean UPVC almost anywhere on a property. Be this the soffits, facias or down pipes.

What is pure water?

Pure water is a special filtered water, to remove all the impurities from it. You may have heard of lime scale build up, or seen streaks left when you clean your own windows. This is caused by salts and dissolved particles within the water, that are left behind when it dries. Our filtration process removes the vast majority of these. This means we can make the windows wet, and leave them wet, knowing that when they dry, there will be no marks left.